Caring For Your Face Mask

Caring For Your Face Mask

How To Look After Your Face Mask?

By now millions of face masks have been bought around the world, from a variety of suppliers offering different styles, textures and materials. There are many disposable face masks in circulation which offer minimal protection, but a barrier against coronavirus nonetheless, and can be just thrown away after use.

But as face masks become more commonplace, more and more people are choosing to opt for reusable face masks which are better for the environment and are cost-effective compared to disposables. How do we care for these face masks to keep their protective qualities intact for as long as possible?

How To Properly Care For Your Face Mask?

Let’s take a look how you can give your face mask the care it needs so it can endure for many weeks.

  1. Storing your face mask

Face masks should always be kept in a cool and dry place until you need to use it. This will prevent any buildup of moisture which can lead to bacterial contamination, not something you want to be putting in the way of your respiration.

If you’ve been wearing your mask through the day and it has become dirty with makeup or other substances, or is wet from sweat or moisture when breathing, it’s a good idea to place it inside a plastic or paper bag until you need to wash it. This prevents any contaminants which could potentially be on the mask from escaping.

2. Wash by hand

In many countries with rural communities where access to a washing machine is not possible, face masks can be handwashed. With hot soapy water you should delicately wash your facemask, ensuring that the front part where breathing takes place receives special attention. We advise using just regular dishwashing liquid or laundry detergent to wash your face masks, without harsh chemicals.

3. Machine wash

If you have bought a reusable face mask which is made from either cotton, nylon or a polyester blend then you can safely place it in the washing machine with your regular load of washing. You should always try to wash face masks at a high temperature like 60°C, simply because the higher the temperature the more likely it is to kill or make viruses and bacteria inactive.

4. Drying face masks

You can either air dry your face mask or pop it in the tumble dryer. To dry a mask quickly, place it flat in the sunlight, as wet masks can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. In a tumble dryer, place it on a high heat for a short amount of time. Always look at labels to make sure they are compatible.

Caring for your face mask is easy, and with our range of quality face masks you can wash them up to 50 times and they’ll still retain their effectiveness.