White Masks

Get That Fresh Unique Look With A Quality White Face Mask

If you’re looking for a simple yet effective white face mask then this is the perfect option for you. These face masks are cost-effective and for the price you pay for a disposable set you can use this multiple times.

It is made from 100% cotton for a clean look, and you can be sure that it will feel comfortable on your face when worn. We don’t recommend wearing this white face mask for more than four hours, however during this time you will hardly notice you’re wearing it. The mask fits well over the nose area to stop air escaping out the top, and the simple loops fit securely around you ears.

The Many Benefits Of Our White Face Masks

This white face mask design is made to be long-lasting, not like so many of the ineffective disposable masks that are on the market today. What’s more it can be rewashed multiple times in cool temperatures and air dried so you can use it daily. Thanks to this it’s much more environmentally friendly than other types, and you can wash it up to 50 times and it will retain its effectiveness.

They’re also ideal if you suffer from allergies, as the natural material will not irritate your skin. We have kept this reusable face mask as simple as possible to give you the safety you need when out in public, and also a stylish alternative to the disposable masks.

We advise washing the white face mask with soapy water or you can wash in a machine at 60°C. We don’t recommend using any other chemicals to wash your mask other than regular detergent you’d wash your clothes in. It should be dried within a few hours of washing, and ironing is possible.