Our commitment to sustainability

Choose A Sustainable Face Mask Solution

Here at RMB Luxury, we strive to offer only the most environmentally friendly and sustainable face masks. That’s why we’ve developed face masks that can be reused time and time again after washing to save you money, and be kinder to the environment.
We’ve all seen those disposable masks littering towns and beaches already, and that’s not something we want to contribute to. Every aspect of our design speaks to sustainability, and we know that once the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end we don’t want to have played a part in the thousands of masks just discarded.

Long-Term Protection

Some of these face masks can last for decades without biodegrading properly, however one range of our masks are made with reusable cotton which can be torn into strips and added to your compost heap at the end of their life.
Cloth masks are supported by organizations like the CDC, as they recognize a quick wash at high temperatures is all that’s needed to sterilize it.
We want to be part of the solution to preventing the transmission of coronavirus, not part of the problem of pollution from low-grade, non-reusable and unsustainable masks.