Face Mask Benefits

Face Mask Benefits

Five Benefits Of Wearing A Face Mask

In 2020, billions of people were affected by the coronavirus pandemic, and in a bid to stop the spread of the virus face masks have become the number one line of defense. Just about everyone has worn some sort of face covering in the past year, and for good reason.

What Are The Top Reasons To Wear A Face Mask?

Here we’re going to take a look at the top five reasons you should be wearing a face mask when out in public.

  1. Masks protect you

Masks are an effective barrier between you and other people. The mouth and the nose are the main entry points for bacterial and viral particles entering the body, so having a face covering or face mask placed over this area effectively filters air and prevents unwanted contamination. Studies have shown that wearing masks in public places greatly reduces the chances of contracting coronavirus.

2. Masks protect others

By wearing your mask, you are effectively protecting others from any droplets you eject when you talk, cough or sneeze. If you do have any kind of illness, then when you cough the particles are kept within the confines of your own face mask instead of infecting others. Mask wearing is a two way street, you protect others, and they protect you.

3. Masks are helping the world to recover

The world economy has taken a major hit in the past months, with many places of retail and recreation having to close their doors, costing billions of dollars. By wearing face masks when we go outside in public places we are reducing the ability of the virus to spread, so business establishments can reopen sooner and get the economy back on track for future prosperity.

4. Masks are cost-effective

Many people choose to wear disposable masks which protect for a few hours and then have to be discarded. In comparison, a face mask which is reusable and can be washed dozens of times is an excellent alternative. You only pay for one mask and you can wear it day after day and receive the same levels of protection from coronavirus.

5. Masks prevent asymptomatic spread

For millions of people who contracted coronavirus, they didn’t even know they had it. Someone who is asymptomatic does not display any outward symptoms of infection, however just because they can fight off the illness it does not mean that they cannot transmit it to others. A young person could be showing no signs, but coming into contact with an elderly family member makes them vulnerable.

As you can see, the simple effect of wearing a face mask is helping you to stay safe, protecting others if you are asymptomatic and even helping the economy to recover. Wear your face mask proudly knowing you are doing your part to put a halt to this worldwide pandemic.