The Most Commonly Asked Face Mask Questions

How do I put on a face mask?

Wash your hands with soap or alcohol gel before putting your mask on to prevent unwanted contamination. Hold the mask at the top and hook the loops over your ears. You can then move it into a comfortable position. Be careful not to touch the front of the mask.

How do I take off a face mask?

It’s always best to wash your hands before removing your mask. We don’t recommend touching the front of the mask as that’s where potential contaminants could be trapped. Instead, take one of the loops from behind your ears and remove it that way. You can place it into a bag to be washed or directly into the machine.

Will a face mask provide complete protection against coronavirus?

As the particles of virus are much smaller than the fibers in facemasks, there is no mask that provides 100% protection against viruses or bacteria – they’re simply too tiny. However, a face mask is an excellent solution as it provides a much-needed barrier from other who may sneeze or cough, causing droplets to enter your mouth.

How often should I clean my face mask?

We’d recommend that you should wash your face mask every time you have worn it outside the home as you cannot be sure what bacterial or viral contaminants it has picked up on your journey. Wash it at 60°C in a regular wash cycle, and dry it within a few hours to prevent any bacterial growth.

How long can I wear a face mask for?

Face masks should be worn for a maximum of four hours at a time and then washed. The reason for this is that if bacteria is trapped within the fibers, after so long it may work its way through the meshing and enter your mouth. Also, the moisture trapped from your breathing in the mask can create a warm and moist environment for bacteria to grow if worn for too long and over multiple days without washing.

Can I wear my face mask with glasses?

Yes, although you should always be sure that the top of the mask is not letting any air out which may contain viral components that could affect other people. As with all masks, your breath may cause glasses to fog up, so we advise you wash your hands if you need to remove your glasses to clean them.

Can I have my branding put on the masks?

Yes, we offer a service where you can match the branding colors of your company to the face masks. This is placed on the uppermost fabric of the mask, and you can even have your logo printed on the side.