Find Out More About Our Quality Face Masks

Facemasks have been in use in countries such as China and Japan for decades to keep safe in such large populations where diseases can transmit easily, but facemask use didn’t become widespread until the pandemic of 2020. Just about every country around the world adopted a policy of wearing face masks in public and in workplaces to combat the transmission of the coronavirus.

When worn, face masks are a preventative measure to help the wearer combat infection by preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. It provides a barrier so droplets of mucus cannot leave the mouth or nose and infect someone else, the reverse is true also, and when you are travelling and breathing the same air as someone else, a face mask is a great way to cut transmission in its tracks.

Bring You The Best Face Mask Protection

A face mask can be as simple as a piece of cloth covering your mouth and nose, however for the best protection you need a certified mask which has been shown to be effective. Not all masks are created equal, and whilst a simple piece of textile is able to give you some protection and comfortable to wear, it is not going to give you the adequate protection.

On the other hand, masks that provide very high levels of filtration such as the N95 are more effective, but they can be difficult to wear for hours on end.

Here’s where RMB Luxury found that there was an ideal balance – a face mask that not only looks great and is comfortable to wear, but can also provide high levels of protection against infection. We chose to partner with RKF, a French textile firm who turned their hand to manufacturing high-quality, effective face masks in 2020.

The design of the masks provides great comfort when worn, and as they are tested to high standards we can be confident that they are an effective barrier against bacteria, germs and viruses like the coronavirus.

We have many styles of masks to choose from to suit every taste, and you can always be sure that our face masks are giving you the level of safety you need for you and your family.